FollowUp Appointments

How Often Are Appointments?

Follow up appointments encompass medication changes and/or psychotherapy interventions. Initially these appointments are more frequent. Once patients are doing better and their symptoms stabilize, frequency of the appointments will be spread out. Every patient has different needs, but initially, follow up appointments may be every two to three weeks or so. Then over time, Dr. Mitchell and the patient work to spread them out to every month, then every two months and finally to every three months when the patient is doing well and is on a stable treatment plan.

How Long Are Appointments?

Follow up appointments will usually last for 30 minutes. There are times where a 15 minute medication appointment may be appropriate once a patient is well established. Dr. Mitchell evaluates the patient’s progress in several specific areas. For example. if they are having any side effects from treatment, improvement in their symptoms and also their progress in achieving their goals. Patients have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss new symptoms/personal issues and have all concerns addressed during the follow-up app