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A. Mitchell Psychiatry


We are currently accepting new patients. This practice is primarily telepsychiatry based, using a HIPPA compliant video conferencing format. This means that you have the highest standard of privacy in care. You will be able to see me from your home or any private location you are comfortable in, as long as you are in Louisiana or California at the time of your visit and you have computer, tablet, or smart phone access with broad band internet service. In person office visits will be available for Louisiana residents on an as needed basis.  
Dr. Mitchell will make recommendations based on this approach and may include nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, meditation, light therapy, supplements and/or medications. With your consent, we are happy to work with your primary care physician or your therapist as necessary. The goal is to provide comprehensive care in order to get you on the path to emotional wellness and optimize your functioning.

Meet Dr. Mitchell

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    I am a licensed psychiatrist specializing in the evaluation, treatment and management of mental illness and mental health. As a solo private practice I offer a very individualized and attentive focus on my patient's difficulties, incorporating psychotherapy in pursuit of an improved quality of life and restoration. I emphasize rational prescribing practices (when appropriate) and employ evidence-based medicine. I practice via web-based video appointments to patients throughout Louisiana and California.

    My other passions involve community mental health awareness, business education, women's empowerment and serving at my local church.


Why Choose Us


Hundreds of patients in Louisiana and California choose us. We offer effective and compassionate psychiatric treatment.

Vast Experience.

We have extensive knowledge in a wide array of mental illness. A unique approach is found for each patient to improve the most severe problems.

New Techniques.

We are constantly mastering new effective clinically backed treatment methods and upgrade our skills as the psychiatric field evolves.

Any Problems.

We will help cope with a diverse spectrum of mental illnesses to help heal problems in patient's family, relationships, and at work places.


You Can Trust Us


Sometimes people fall into situations from which there seems to be no way out. Life's problems can stress our mental health to a point that is unrecognizable. The most common causes of mental distress can be effectively treated with support and/or medication management. 

Mental Illness is not just a bad day or moment. It is a disease that requires serious correction and in-depth work. The modern rhythm of life and regular stresses often provoke the development of depression, anxiety, and other disorders. Properly selected intervention will allow you to get rid of psychological problems, cope with difficulties, and live a fuller life.




We offer all the necessary services for your psychological health.


Medication Management

We practice a wholistic approach to mental health including the psychosocial, spiritual and lifestyle experiences into medication management. We treat non emergent psychiatric issues, such as depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, OCD, adjustment disorders etc.


Individual Psychotherapy

In her therapy work, Dr. Mitchell will explore the connection of the mind, spirit and human behavior, and utilize therapy to help you achieve your goals for happier living. Therapy is about examining the ‘why’ behind the choices that you are making. 


Couples Psychotherapy

Often, the cause of breakup and divorce is the miscommunication of partners that could be resolved with the right intervention. For the appropriate couples, Dr. Mitchell offers therapy to help find harmony in relationships of patients. 


Want to change your life for better?


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What Our Patients Say


Every month, I help hundreds of people find balance and peace of mind.


“I've been seeing Dr. Mitchell for just 3 monthsand my mental health is so much better. Her approach is different and I FINALLY feel heard."


"When I first started with Dr. Mitchell, I felt like my life was in shambles. Everything overwhelmed me and I didn't really know if I could be helped. I started weekly therapy and now my entire outlook is different. I am so appreciative for her help"


“Honestly, I've never met a psychiatrist like Dr. Mitchell. From the first visit I could tell she was different, she cared, and listened. She has been nothing short of an answered prayer for my mental health. I'm so grateful!" 


Frequently Asked Questions


Mental health therapy always raises many questions from clients. We tried to answer the most frequent of them. If you still have questions, contact us.

Are all appointments online?

This practice is primarily tele-psychiatry with in-person appointments scheduled as needed for Louisiana patients who are on controlled substances or otherwise most appropriate. Our Zachary, LA office location is shared after screening approval and if an in-office visit is most appropriate.

What are your hours?

Our online calendar is open for appointments to be scheduled as available. Dr. Mitchell sees patients on Tuesday, Wednesdays from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm CST. This practice does not have weekend office hours. 

How long are visits?

The first visit is an evaluation, during which a formal diagnosis (or diagnoses) is made. This initial visit usually lasts about 1 hour. Follow up visits are tailored to the needs of my patient and are either 30 minutes for medication management only, or 45-60 minutes for medication management and psychotherapy.  

What do you charge?

Dr. Mitchell's rate depends on the length of the appointment and the types of services provided. In general, the initial evaluation (60 minutes) is one rate and then follow up appointments (either 30 or 45 minutes) are set at a proportionally lower rate. The practice Fee Schedule is listed HERE.

Do you take insurance?

Dr. Mitchell does not accept any insurance in her private practice but will supply a superbill with listed charges that can be presented to your insurance company. Some insurance companies (especially PPO policies) will provide reimbursement for out-of network services. There are many potential benefits to seeking an out-of-network psychiatrist including highly specialized care.

What type of psychotherapy do you provide? 

I provide supportive, cognitive behavioral and psychoeducational psychotherapy. This type of therapy generally focuses on the behaviors, thinking patterns, triggers, stressors, negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors that have negatively impacted my patients’ mental health. In many cases, medications alone are not enough to meet patient goals. 

How are Psychiatrist different from a Psychologist or other Mental Health Provider? 

A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor (physician) who specializes in treating mental health and neurological conditions. Medical training consists of four 4 of undergraduate studies, 4 years of medical school, and 4 years of Psychiatry Residency. The general medical training, helps Psychiatrists to better understand the biological and medical aspects of mental health and addiction.

Are you available 24 hours a day? 

No, being a small solo practice I do not have regular overnight or weekend coverage. In the case of any emergencies, my patients are to call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department and then call to notify me of the situation once they are safe.

What is your philosophy on medication?

My four years of Psychiatry Residency, after medical school, prepared me to utilize a comprehensive biological, psychological, spiritual and social approach. In short, this has led me to utilize a patient specific and evidence-based approach which may incorporate psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, targeted environmental enhancements and/or other emerging treatment modalities.

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