Women's Health

What is Women’s Wellness Psychiatry?

Gender is an important determinant of mental health. There exist differences in the prevalence of particular mental health conditions between genders, such that depression and anxiety are more commonly diagnosed in females. In addition, men and women respond differently to diseases and psychiatric treatments due to biological, social and psychological reasons. Reproductive or women’s wellness psychiatry is a growing specialization that supports women with psychiatric and psychological issues as they relate to times of hormonal and emotional changes. Dr. Mitchell has specialty training in this area, working with the OBGYN Service at Touro Hospital. She is passionate about supporting women in all stages of the reproductive life-cycle from menses through pregnancy and menopause.

What are the illnesses treated in Women’s Wellness Psychiatry?

Dr. Mitchell takes a holistic, supportive and effective approach to mental health treatment during the specific phases of a woman’s life. She recognizes that supporting women recovering successfully from emotional conditions associated with hormonal changes and reproductive life events requires a flexible, supportive approach individualized to the needs of each patient. Treatments offered include consultation, short-term psychotherapy, and medication management.

Dr. Mitchell focuses on the treatment of women’s mental health

Pre-pregnancy consultations for women with psychiatric conditions requiring psychiatric treatment, including psychiatric medications
- Psychiatric conditions associated with pregnancy and postpartum (including breast-feeding)
- Miscarriage and pregnancy loss
- Infertility
- Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
- Perimenopausal mood and anxiety disorders