Fee Schedule

Comprehensive Initial Psychiatric Evaluation (50 minutes) $400
We’ll start with an initial evaluation (intake) in order to formulate a comprehensive protocol tailored for you. During this first appointment, we’ll explore your current challenges and discuss your background psychiatric and medical history. We’ll assess various aspects of your health and lifestyle, including medications, diet, exercise, substance use, family history and relationships, occupation, and life goals. In addition, we’ll review any diagnostic tests that you may have had done. When appropriate, we may also consult with other health professionals on your treatment team. Based on our thorough evaluation, we’ll provide you with feedback and guidance to help you achieve optimal wellness.
Follow Up Visit (Psychotherapy/Full Session) (40 -50 minutes) $300-$400
During these full sessions, we’ll evaluate your response to treatment and make adjustments to the treatment plan where needed. These sessions also allow us time for reviewing test results, medication adjustments or for psychotherapy.
I also have individual psychotherapy packages for a discounted price, which you may inquire about.
Follow Up Visit (Focused Session) (30 minutes) $200
In these focused visits we’ll check in about your progress, evaluate response to treatment, review new test results, make simple adjustments to the treatment plan, or work on brief, focused psychotherapy.